Teacher, Blogger, Writer, World Traveler, Entrepreneur


I have worked as an English teacher since 1993 (CCAA/CCLS and currently at America Cursos e Viagens SJBVista, SP, Brazil). I've always liked to produce my own activities, mostly song-based ones, and now I have recently started working as a digital producer, course creator and freelance materials writer for America Cursos (SJBVista,SP, Brazil).

I am very keen on sharing my song-based lesson  plans and activities with teachers from all over the world via the blog: Song Activity Factory. I also do volunteer work teaching English to children and teenagers whose parents have lost their custody and are now in special foster care at Camid (SJBVista, SP, Brazil).

Inspired by the results I got as an amateur digital producer and blogger + adding my newly found passion-fueled entrepreneurial creativity, I founded Mundo Mars Digital in 2021. Its mission is to help people to become fluent, not only in English, but also in the language of their own souls, so they can fulfill their dreams and become the best they can be in life.

In my free time, I travel around the world in search of beautiful natural places, connection with animals and people. Some places I've had the pleasure to visit are Canada, The US, New Zealand, Thailand and Peru. The goal is to step on all continents and see the wonders of natural beauty Gaia has gifted us!