AI-Powered Design Apps

Amazing tools for Innovative Teachers and Creative Teacherpreneurs!

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The D3sign Factory presents

9 incredible apps powered by Artificial Intelligence that make your life as a teacher easier! All these apps are cloud-based so you don't need to worry about downloads or updates! Intuitive and User-friendly to boost your Social Media Presence or to simply wow your clients and students!

Easily Erase Backgrounds From Any Photo Within Seconds With Artificial Intelligence!

Transform Boring Photos Into Dynamic Moving Videos With Effects And Animations!

Edit, Resize, Enhance or Add Filters To Turn Blurry And Unappealing Photos into Stunning Visuals Ready to Print or Publish Online.

Instantly turn low quality Images Into Ultra HD, High Quality Photo That Can Be Blown Up To Any Size Without Any Pixelation or Distortion.

Selectively Remove Objects, People And Other Chosen Elements From Any Photo With Seconds!

The World’s Best Logo Creator Powered By Artificial Intelligence! Bulk Create 50 Logo Variations For Any Brand in Minutes.

Create Sensational Designs For Any Theme or Topic In All The Popular Languages At Sonic Speed!

Create Professional, High Impact Animated Posts and Ads In all Shapes and Sizes Using Hundreds of Done-For-You Templates.

Includes Multiple Groundbreaking Technologies Including Video Survey Engine, A Video Editor and a Powerful Video Syndication Tool!

Single App

  • One-time Payment - no monthly fees!

AI Photo Edition Bundle (4 Apps)

Great Value

  • 4 photo edition apps for a one-time payment - No Monthly Fees!
  • Instant BG Remover
  • 3D Motion factory
  • Wipe Object Remover
  • Photoshow Image Editor

Teacherpreneur Bundle (all 9 Apps)

Best Value

  • The complete solution for Teacherpreneurs:
  • One-time Payment - No Monthly Fees!
  • Instant BG Remover
  • 3D Motion Factory
  • Wipe Object Remover
  • Photoshow Image Editor
  • Simple SVG Converter
  • Design Mockup Factory
  • Banner AD Maker
  • AI Logo Generator
  • Video Survey Builder